If drivers only knew, while crawling through traffic, that on the Harley-Davidson® passing them could be Csaba Vastag. Of course, experts can pick the singer’s motorcycle out immediately, as it is custom built down to the last bolt. Do you prefer city rides or longer rides? Since it is very difficult to drive a car in Budapest due to the traffic jams, I use my motorcycle mainly for city ... Read more
on 2023. 06. 06. 10:00
Tünde Semmi-Kis has been riding motorbikes since she was a teenager, and not even her modelling career could stop her. Since then, her passionate hobby has become almost a profession as she helps transport emergency blood supplies to hospitals using two wheels. How long have you been passionate about riding? I have loved motorsport since I was a kid. My dad taught me to drive a car when ... Read more
on 2023. 06. 03. 10:00
Delhusa Gjon become wildly known in Hungary during the 1971 Dance Song Festival and has remained popular ever since. He is currently in the middle of a national concert tour, and whenever he feels like relaxing, he jumps on the saddle – as comfortable on his Harley-Davidson as he is on horseback. How long have you been in love with motorcycles? For more than thirty years. I used to do mo ... Read more
on 2023. 05. 31. 08:40
It’s like the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ was made for him! Riding is more than just a hobby for Sidi and he is looking forward to seeing the tens of thousands of motorcyclists around the Puskás Arena. Gábor Sidlovics, guitarist of Tankcsapda is worried that he will get carried away by the atmosphere and will have to be dragged from the venue of the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Festival (22 ... Read more
on 2023. 05. 28. 09:00
Attila Pataky, frontman of EDDA Művek, is convinced that motorbikes have a soul, and need love and attention just as much as living creatures do. If they are not treated well, they will not treat us well in return.What does riding mean to you?It's a unique form of freedom, enjoying the pulse of nature and admiring the passing scenery – even the outlines are sharper because you are not surrounded a ... Read more
on 2023. 05. 25. 09:53

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