Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact dates of the event?
The event will held across 4 live days from 22rd to 25th June 2023
The exact opening hours of the event site are planned as follows:

Thursday 22nd June 2023 10:00 to 00:00
Friday 23rd June 2023 10:00 to 00:00
Saturday 24th June 2023 10:00 to 00:00
Sunday 25th June 2023 10:00 to 23:00

We will be partnering with the city of Budapest to allow easy customer access into other attractions in the city after the event site closes each day.
How old is the Harley-Davidson Motor Company?
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, founded in 1903 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, will be proudly celebrating its 120th Anniversary in 2023 .
Will there be other events to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s anniversary?
2023 is set to be a whole year of celebrations across the Globe to celebrate 120 years of great Harley-Davidson motorcycles. “Homecoming”, a new annual four day festival kicks off on 13th-16th July 2023. The inaugural event will be held in Harley’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and riders, enthusiasts, and fans from around the world will gather for this unforgettable weekend. More information can be found here .
I arrived with a motorbike to the event. Where can I park?
If you have arrived on a Harley-Davidson motorbike and have a valid ticket you can enter from any of the following two bike entrances Gate III. at Dózsa György út or gate XII from Stefánia út. We will guide you to park your bike within the event grounds, which have a secure perimeter. There is also an indoor secure bike parking available at the event which you can enter from here: BOK Sports and Conference Centre . For this secure parking you can buy a daily ticket or a 4 day pass on our tickets page . All motorcyclists are welcome and if you have arrived on a different brand of motorbike, you can use the designated parking on the Dozsa György út on both sides of the road.
Is the event accessible for wheelchair users?
Yes, the event is accessible by wheelchair. There are wheelchair accessible parking bays next to BOK Sports and Conference Centre where you can park free of charge. A ticket for the event will be required for anyone seeking to attend our event, however a special arrangement will be made for your personal assistant to be admitted free of charge. You can also find toilets throughout the event site which are fully accessible by wheelchair.
I cannot attend the event, will there be an online stream of the event?
The event will be live streamed on our website.
Can a pet be brought to the event?
Because of the large crowd and many motorbikes regrettably we cannot allow any pets to be brought inside of the event site.
What languages are all the information available in?
At the moment all information on our website is available in English and Hungarian language. In the future we plan to be adding German, French and Italian.
Are there motorbikes that can be tested during the event?
Yes, Harley-Davidson will operate demo rides during all days of the event. Details and more information on booking will be shared later. Inside the event there will be a Pan Am experience where you can try out our adventure touring bikes on an off-road course.
Will there be official merchandise at the event?
Yes, the event will have a large selection of event merchandise which you can purchase in on of the three outlets at the event. You can find the main store in the dealer area. The two smaller satellite stores can be found next to the main stage and the family park.
Will there be Harley celebrities at the event?
The two main Harley-Davidson VIP attendees expected at the event are Karen Davidson and Bill Davidson, 4th generation descendants of Harley-Davidson’s co-founder William .A. Davidson. The event will also run a celebrity program where the most famous riders from all European countries will be invited to attend the event.
Are there any programmes for kids?
Yes, there is a family park at the event where you will be able to find extensive entertainment arranged for the whole family
Are there any special programmes / shows during the event?
Yes, there will be a daily H-D Fashion show, Rockabilly fashion show, pin-up girl contest, mini motor competition for kids, street theatre performances and more.
When will the parade take place?
The parade will be on 24th June Saturday, 2023. The line-up for the event will start at 10 AM and the parade will begin at 11 AM. The parade is limited in numbers. To take part in the parade you will need to purchase a rally pack which will include a parade pass.
When will live music end each day?
To conform to noise regulations in the city all live music will end at 11 PM each day of the event except on the last day when it will end at 10 PM, there will be night busses which will take participants into downtown Budapest for those who wish to continue the party!
Will there be a centrally organized truck to take my bike to the event?
SKS will operate a bike shuttle service from many european locations. More information about the service can be found here:
Will there be any programmes after the event?
There will be a two-day tour after the event to one of the famous wine regions in Hungary. More information about this tour will be announced later.
Can I rent a Harley-Davidson at the event?
If you would like to rent a Harley-Davidson for the event you can book a bike from the local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. Please visit this website for booking and more information:
Where is the exact location of the event?
This European festival celebration of 120 years of Harley-Davidson will be held at the Puskás Aréna Park , Budapest, Hungary. These are the beautiful grounds surrounding the Puskás arena, Hungary’s iconic national football stadium built in 2019.
Where can I park if I arrive with a car to the event?
If you plan to arrive at the event by car you can use the underground parking at Papp László Arena where a daily parking fee will be charged. You can also park your car in the streets around the event but, be aware that on weekdays that parking is chargeable on those streets. Please follow the instructions on the parking meters for making the payment. Do not park in any area where there is no marked parking as you will risk your car being towed away by traffic police.
Is there a camping area at the event?
Whilst it is not possible to camp within the event area but we recommend the following two nearby campsites in the area;

Haller Camping
1097 Budapest, Óbester utca 2.

Camping Arena
1106 Budapest, Pilisi u. 7/a
How do I get to the location of the event?
By road: As Budapest is located in the heart of Europe of can be reached by road from any direction. All the major highways coming into the country lead to Budapest. When making a route plan use this point as your destination Puskás Aréna, VI. kapu

By air: You can reach Budapest by air through Liszt Ferenc International Airport (BUD) from most European and many overseas locations. From the airport the event site is 20 km which you can access by taxi, shuttle bus or public transport.

By train: You can reach Budapest by train from most European cities. When traveling by train you will arrive at the West or East railway station. From both railway stations the event is easily accessible by taxi or public transport.

By boat: You can reach Budapest by boat on the river Danube. There are many cruise ships that travel along the river and stop in the heart of the city. From the boat stations you can reach the event by taxi or public transport.
How can I sign-up for the guided tours?
We have 7 x fantastic guided tours planned which travel all across Hungary and really explore great roads and areas that you may not be aware of. You can register for guided tours through the event application which will be available later.
Will there be a dedicated area for H.O.G. members?
Yes, the event will have a H.O.G. zone where you will find a H.O.G. hospitality tent and a H.O.G. helpdesk where you can get support for any H.O.G. related issues.
Where should I go if I need medical assistance?
There will be a medical center in the hallway of BOK hall A where you can get medical help. In case there is an emergency you can approach any of the staff or security who will be able to notify the ambulance services stationed on the event site.
Are there any side events ?
Yes, to involve the whole city in our celebration we have planned for many side events. You can read more details below;

Sparty There will be a welcome "Sparty" on Wednesday 21st June from 9 pm at the grand Szechenyi Baths to kick off the 120th Anniversary celebrations in true Budapest style. The Sparty will see music, light and visuals added to the bath experience to create a unique atmosphere. Link here:

Parties in the downtown clubs The event will partner with many clubs where special parties will be organised for the event attendees. There will be a night bus running from the event site into downtown Budapest on a regular schedule.

Night bathing On Thursday, Friday and Sunday during the event, the Szechenyi Baths will be open for night bathing from 9pm to 2am. A visit to the baths is a must during your stay in Budapest!

Boat Excursions Boat party can be enjoyed during the event timings, where while enjoying the music, you can also enjoy the picturesque views from the river Danube.
Will there food and drink available at the event site?
Yes, there will be 80+ food and beverage locations around the event site which will serve food from a large variety of international cuisine.
What is the allowed blood alcohol content for driving in Hungary?
Hungary operates a ZERO tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Please keep this in mind and if consuming alcohol leave your bike at the event overnight and only drive next day.
Do I need to wear a helmet when riding in Budapest?
Yes, a ECE approved helmet must be worn on all public roads in Hungary. Inside the event a helmet is not compulsory but, we recommend you wear one at all times.
Is a there a speed limit inside the event
Yes, inside the event site the maximum speed is limited to 10 km/h. Please take extra care when riding inside the event site.
What social media contacts does the event have?
Besides all the H-D and H.O.G. channels across the region which will be sharing regular updates, we have built some event specific channels also;

Will there be a service area at the event ?
Yes, an official H-D service will be available in BOK hall C. If you have an accessory to fit, need an oil change or need to get something fixed on your bike, the staff at the service area will be happy to assist you.
What are the COVID regulations for the event?
At the moment there are no COVID specific restrictions in place for entering Hungary from any destination or entering the event. This means you can enter the country and the event without valid vaccination documents or valid COVID tests. On the event site you do not need to wear a mask but, we do recommend you sanitize your hands frequently. In case there are any changes in the regulations it will be widely communicated through our channels.
Do I need any ID to enter the event?
Yes,as per regulations for attending large scale events in Hungary you will need to present at the gate a valid photo ID, which can be any of the following:

· Passport
· national identity card
· Driving / Riding License
I need some help during the event, how can I reach you?
There will be a 24 hour hotline during the event. The hotline number to be announced later.
I have to charge my phone, where can I do that?
There will be secure phone charging stations around the event site.
Can I pay by bank card or smartphone at the event?
The event will be operating a cashless system which is operated by your wristband. You can make all payments by the following card types at all locations : VISA, Maestro , Mastercard and American Express. Incase you would like to use cash, you will access one of the many top-up points on the event site to load. At these top up points, you will be able to load cash onto the chip on your event wristband and use it to make payments. You can also refund any leftover funds on your wristbands at the top-up locations.
Can I pay with Szép Kártya at the event?
I lost something, whom should I turn to?
In case you lost an item please visit the lost and found booth in the hallway of BOK A. If you have found a missing item you can hand it over at any of the information point or the lost and found booth a BOK.
Are there any lockers available at the event?
There are lockers for small personal items located at the Family park.
Where is the closest ATM to the event site?
There will be ATMs available on the event site.
Will there be EV motorbikes on display at the event?
Yes, there will be a dedicated EV area at the event which will include motorcycles, cars and e-bicycles as well.
Is there overnight parking for bikes at the event?
Yes, you can leave your bike in the secure indoor parking overnight where you will have 24 hour access. You are also welcomed to leave your bike inside the event grounds overnight but, please be aware that vehicles can be accessed only during the opening hours of the event each day. In the parking on Dózsa György út road you can also leave your bike overnight but, this this is public parking and there is no event specific security planned for this area.
I am from the press. How can I attend the event?
Please fill out the press accreditation form on our event website here: After we have confirmed your application you will be able to pick-up your event ticket at the accreditation desk. You will find the accreditation desk at the entrance of BOK hall. Map here: BOK Sports and Conference Centre
I am a vendor. How can I enter into the event grounds?
If you are a vendor, you will need to go to the accreditation desk at BOK to pick-up your tickets and credentials. Map here: BOK Sports and Conference Centre
I am a vendor. Where can I park?
For all vendors there is a dedicated parking opposite the event site. Map: Puskás Aréna Park
I am a vendor and would like to attend the event. How can I apply?
Please visit our website and read all information here . Afterwards please fill out the vendor application form after submitting your application we will review it and contact you about the next steps. Please note your application is only accepted once you have received the final confirmation and contract.
I am an artist and would like to perform at the event , how can I apply?
If you are a solo artist or a band please send us your application here:
Is the local dealer take any part in organizing the event?
All Harley-Davidson dealerships are welcome to participate in the event. The H-D Budapest team will help with the promotion of the event and to provide information about the event on their channels. H-D Budapest will be also responsible for running the service department at the event.
I perform a show with motorbikes. How can I apply to perform at the event?
If you have a show that uses motorbikes and you would like to feature at our event, please send us your application here:
Do children need to buy a ticket to the event?
Children who are under 12 years of age or under enter our event free of charge. As a proof of age a photo ID will need to be presented at the gate . (Student ID, National ID, Passport)
Is there a special ticket, if I arrive with a classic bike or car?
If you would like to attend the event with a classic car or bike you need to apply at After your application will be accepted you will receive a confirmation. With this confirmation you can pick up your tickets at the accreditation booth at BOK Sports and Conference Centre e
Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets in advance for the event on our official website . During the running of the event, you will also be able to buy tickets at every gate of the event site. For the best ticket offers, please purchase in advance.
Who should I contact if I have a problem with the ticket purchase?
If you have any ticket related issue you can write to
I have purchased a ticket but, unable to attend. How can I get a refund for my ticket?
Regrettably all tickets are non-refundable but, you are able to transfer them to anyone who will be able to attend.
I couldn't get the H.O.G. discount who should I contact?
If you had a problem with activating your H.O.G. discount at the ticket purchase, then please write to for assistance.
Can I buy a VIP ticket?
Yes there are various VIP packages available for the event. Please check the ticket types and package contents for each on our official ticket page
Will there be a discount for Hungarian Nationals?
Sunday 25th July 2023 will feature a discounted day ticket will be available to purchase for all which is intended to attract a local audience.
Will there be a prize draw at the event?
Yes, during the event we are planning to operate a prize draw among the ticket holders where the main prize will be a brand new Harley-Davidson. More information to be announced later.
Why have I paid more in HUF/EUR?
The tickets are sold in local currency (HUF) and as such there can be fluctuations in the prevailing exchange rate which means the exact EUR price paid may be slightly different to the price communicated.
Will you add a booking fees when I purchase my tickets?
Our ticket agent ‘Eventim’ will add a small booking fee, 700 FT (about 2€) at the checkout to process your order. Including the booking fee, the advance ticket price still reflects the best value compared to a purchase on the gate.
What exchange rate is used when I buy the tickets?
The current daily average bank exchange rate.
What does the Rally Pack include?
The participation of the Parade and unique collection of event merchandise. Within the rally pack is an exclusive t-shirt (of your gender / size choice), bag, patch, pin, buff and keyring.
What does a VIP ticket include?
Our VIP ticket packages include the participation on the Parade, extensive and exclusive content of all-inclusive food and drink, secure motorcycle parking and access all areas to the event. Please see detailed VIP ticket options here
Can I access my indoor secure parking after the parade has finished?
Yes, parking access is available all day if you have pre-booked indoor parking. If you would like to book indoor secure parking please click here
I bought a standard ticket but want to ride in the parade – what can I do?
Before 30th April 2023 – you can upgrade your standard ticket to a Rally Pack by purchasing a ‘rally pack upgrade ticket’ in the ticket tab here Not only will you get a Parade Pass but also all of the merchandise included in the Rally Pack.
My Chapter made a group booking but didn’t book Rally Pack (parade access) tickets. I want to ride in the parade – what can I do?
Contact TICKETS@HD120BUDAPEST.HU and they will talk you through upgrading the appropriate tickets or you can buy online the upgrade Rally Pack Tickets here, .
Where can we book accommodation for the event?
You can view and book accommodation options for the event on our official event website: If you have any questions about booking you can write to
What day is the parade?
The parade will take place on Saturday 24th June 2023.
What time does the parade start?
Riders need to line up for the parade at 10am. The parade will begin at 11am.
Where does the parade start from?
The parade begins from the main road outside the Puskás Aréna Park, on the Dósza György út, that will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the event.
How can I ride in the parade?
Anyone riding in the parade will require a Parade Pass, this is included in the Rally Pack or VIP ticket types only. Parade spaces are limited to a maximum of 6,000 riders, to safety requirements required by the police and municipality.
Can my pillion ride with me or do they need a separate ticket?
Each Parade Pass is valid for one motorcycle so your pillion can ride with you even if they have a standard event ticket. However, the Rally Pack merchandise or access to the VIP packages are specific to the ticket holder only.
How many people will be riding in the parade?
A maximum of 6,000 people will be riding in the parade.
I’ve attended Harley-Davidson events in the past and never needed to have a pass for the parade before – why do I this time?
As we are riding in the city centre the police have asked us to control the number of participants through the city to a maximum of 6,000 motorcycles otherwise, we will not receive the license to operate the parade. In previous large-scale inner-city events, we have operated a ballot system on event to allocate the limited number of passes, however being led by customer feedback we wanted a mechanism which would allow customers to secure their riding place in the parade prior to the event.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, wearing a helmet is mandatory in Europe on a public road and you will need to conform to all of the laws of the road in Hungary.
How will I know the route of the parade?
The parade will have lead and tail riders to ensure all riders know which way to go. There will be a police escort and marshals through the parade and at key intersections.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, wearing a helmet is mandatory in Europe on a public road and you will need to conform to all of the laws of the road in Hungary.
How will I know the route of the parade?
The parade will have lead and tail riders to ensure all riders know which way to go. There will be a police escort and marshals through the parade and at key intersections.

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