The Great Hungarian Plain Tour

The Great Hungarian Plain Tour



  • Kis Kunság national Park
  • Bugac
  • City of Kecskemét
  • Geographical center of Hungary in Pusztavacs

During this 327-kilometre tour we head south from Budapest to visit the most significant sights of the Great Hungarian Plain. After Lake Rukkel, we will pass by small and large fishing lakes on our way to Dabas, which lies at the intersection of Pest County and Kiskunság. Then comes Tatárszentgyörgy, the border of which is a typical lowland steppe landscape. 

Passing through the town of Örkény on the Kiskunság sand ridge, we reach Bács-Kiskun County and the Kiskunság National Park, which was established in 1975 as the second national park in the country and lies between the Danube and Tisza rivers. The park doesn’t cover one set area, but a network of 50,523 hectares spread across nine separate units, which present all the typical features of the Kiskunság region. 

From here, we make a detour to the Bugaci Karikás Csárda and Stud Farm to take a break and get a taste of lowland hospitality. 

Our next stop is Kecskemét, often referred to as the city of towers because of its series of churches located close to each other. One of its most celebrated buildings is the Cifrapalota (Ornamented Palace), named after the ceramic decorations made in the Zsolnay Factory in Pécs, which has been a museum since 1983. And if you are looking for a little peace and quiet, the Kecskeméti Arborétum is the perfect choice. 

On our way back to Budapest, we stop by the geographical centre of Hungary, located 1km north-east of Pusztavacs, in the Danube-Ipoly National Park. The coordinates of the centre point (N 47°10'51"", E 19°30'11"") were established in the 1960s. To mark the centre, an 11-metre-high octagonal pyramid topped with a spire was built in line with plans by the architect József Kerényi. The pyramid also serves an educational purpose, containing an astronomical and geographical observatory.

Please note that this Tour is not guided but is downloaable here from this link:

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