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Attila Pataky, frontman of EDDA Művek, is convinced that motorbikes have a soul, and need love and attention just as much as living creatures do. If they are not treated well, they will not treat us well in return.

What does riding mean to you?

It's a unique form of freedom, enjoying the pulse of nature and admiring the passing scenery – even the outlines are sharper because you are not surrounded and covered like you are in a car. However, you must be very careful on the roads because there are no room for mistakes when riding a motorcycle. 

What type of bike do you have now?

I am in between motorcycles now as covid hit me pretty hard – I had a near-death experience. Afterwards, I got depressed and sold my bike which I have regretted ever since, so now I am looking for a new two-wheeled companion to spend the next five to ten years with. 

What is the most important aspect when choosing a motorcycle? 

To have a good vibe that I can connect to because I believe that motorcycles have a soul – if you love them, they take care of you. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – if a machine is cold, stern and negative at first touch, you should not sit on it. I have met some very vicious motorbikes. 

What happened?

It killed three people. The first owner had a fatal accident, but then it was repaired, and the second owner also became a victim. Finally, it was dug out of the scrapyard, fixed up, and tragedy struck again. Fortunately, I have had nothing but good experiences with my motorcycles so far. 

Do you name your bikes?

All of them: Black Beauty, Grasshopper and God’s Gift. The latter had sacral signs painted on it – the Holy Crown and a falcon that was so real that you would get completely lost in its eyes. I rode a Harley-Davidson Heritage for years, and I knew every inch and mood – there was a real love between us. But I am not a gatherer, I keep memories in my heart, so I let them go when it's time.

On the last day of the Harley-Davidson Festival in Budapest, on 25th June you will be performing with your band, EDDA Művek. Will you have some time to enjoy the events before playing?

I am planning to arrive at the festival with my love and sons well before the show. I need some time to get in the mood, but I am curious about the programmes and want to meet some friends and acquaintances as well. After that, we will put on an awesome show! 

After having been playing music for 50 years now, do you still get excited before a big concert? 

We always get on the stage with humility, and then we play our music with passion. There is no other way because if you do not do it, you will be thrown off the stage – just like with motorcycles! Singing and riding are similar to one another as both have to be done with passion.

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