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Viktor Varga always tries to create something unique, and not only as a singer and composer. His latest creation is a motorbike that has become an apocalyptic iron monster.  

Do you prefer the city or off-road motorcycling? 
The city. Practically, I only go everywhere by motorcycle in order to avoid traffic jams. I do not cover long distances, but I still visit my parents in Békéscsaba. 

According to the photos posted on your social media platforms, however, you often throw yourself into longer motorcycling tours abroad. 
We travelled over Peru by motorbike, and in India – I rode around the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. I’ve also been to Transylvania several times; I enjoy getting on my iron horse and riding out into the world!

You also do motorbike makeovers, where does the inspiration come from? 
I show exactly what I think of the world. My latest motorbike was made from Harley-Davidson®, Suzuki and Triumph elements, and it looks like a rotting, rusting, studded iron monster. You could see similar machines in the Mad Max movies. I think it is a kind of message as well: if we keep going like this, we will head for destruction and the apocalypse will come. 

Isn't that kind of shocking from your side?
To tell you the truth, I do not want to antagonise anyone. My goal is to express myself. Unfortunately, people get me all wrong and my actions and performances often evoke rage, even though I'm not hurting anyone. The creative urge drives me to create something unique – something valuable – either speaking on composing, painting, sculpturing or reconstructing a motorcycle. I am more interested in the process than the reception.

Is it difficult to let the motorcycles go, when they are ready? 
Not at all, I am not the kind of guy who replaces anything easily. 

Harley-Davidson will celebrate its birthday in Puskás Arena Park on 22-25 June, where the iconic models of the past 120 years and custom motorcycles will be on display. Will you join us to get some inspiration?  
I am looking forward to visiting the festival because I have been a big fan of the American brand since my childhood! I will arrive in style, by motorbike.

Beáta Csanálosi

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